Nutrition support for the metabolic community

How to Apply

MNT4P bridges the coverage gap for nutrition treatment-related supplies and support, including:

  • Medical foods
  • Insurance navigation
  • Nutrition education and counseling

To access these services and be part of MNT4P, go to the Contact Us page to request new enrollment.

If you are already part of MNT4P and have additional needs from MNT4P, go to the Contact Us page.

How to Refer a Patient
If you are a medical provider and would like to refer a patient for services through MNT4P, please complete this referral form.

Low-Protein Modified Foods (LPMF) Program

MNT4P has started a new partnership with Cambrooke Therapeutics. Learn more about receiving LPMF through MNT4P!

Low-Protein Recipe Search

Coming soon! We are starting with low-protein recipes and hope to add recipes for other disorders in the future. If you need some inspiration on what to make, check out the low-protein recipe search.

Looking for assistance?

Our program offers Georgia residents the ability to apply for services, learn more about these disorders, meet our staff, search a low-protein recipe (coming soon!) and find links to additional references.

Services Offered

If you are currently enrolled in the MNT4P program and need one of the following services, submit a request.

  • Medical foods
  • Low-protein modified foods
  • Filter papers
  • Supplies (scales)
  • Nutrition Education & Counseling